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AnyOption is a C++ class for easy parsing of complex commandline options. It also parses options from a rsourcefile in option value pair format.

AnyOption implements the traditional POSIX style character options ( -n ) as well as the newer GNU style long options ( --name ). Or you can use a simpler long option version ( -name ) by asking to ignore the POSIX style options.

AnyOption supports the traditional UNIX resourcefile syntax of, any line starting with "#" is a comment and the value pairs use ":" as a delimiter.

An option which expects a value is considered as an option value pair, while options without a value are considered flags.

Please read the header file for the documented public interface, and demo.cpp for an example of how easy it is to use AnyOption.

  • July 2001, Original version
  • August 2004, added bug-fixes, and updates send by Michael Peters of Sandia Lab.
  • September 2006, fix from Boyan Asenov for a bug in mixing up option type indexes.
  • July 2011, fix from Min KJ and Costantino G for string allocation.
  • Dec 2011, Moved to Github

Get AnyOption from GitHub