Archiving the code remains of Mytago tag system project from 2006.

Read more at the TechCrunch coverage on Mytago by Michael Arrington.

Developed for J2ME/Symbian phones and was obsoleted by the smart phone era with better camera and processing power.


Complete code is archived on github


This is a technology demonstration of tag image processing from a live video stream, using the webcam on a windows system as the video source from 2008.

Download VDecode.exe demo binary and try out on any windows laptop with webcam.

Use this demo tag as input

Demo Tag

Source for the tech demo


Scan tags to get to the promoted product/event link on phone immediately using JME midlet app and/or upload the tag for access from your laptop through webapp later.

Create and design your own custom tags using web app, publish and use it for your product/event promotion.



Brandable tag design supporting custom logos and colors



Some of the mytago windows client apps that still works.

Mytago uploader client

Mytago Uploader

Mytago JME Midlet screenshots from Nokia 6300 (S40 Series)

Mytago JME Midlet