1. ABC123

    Tue 29 July 2008

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    Created for my toddler to play on the laptop and learn alphabets and numbers.

    This was way before tablets and thousands of applications for kids.

    Bare bones single window application that will go full screen and will only respond to alphanumeric key strokes and won't lose focus.

    screenshot screenshot screenshot

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  2. Mytago Tag Processing Tech Demo

    Sat 31 May 2008

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    Archiving the code remains of Mytago tag system project from 2006. Developed for J2ME/Symbian phones and was obsoleted by the smart phone era with better camera and processing power.

    See all related projects and information at the Mytago page

    This is a technology demonstration of tag image processing from a live video stream, using the webcam on a windows system as the video source.

    Download VDecode.exe demo binary and try out on any windows laptop with webcam.

    Use this demo tag as input

    Demo Tag

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  3. Glass

    Fri 04 March 2005

    Java3D psuedo transparent window hack.

    Java GUI API's (AWT/SWING) or Java3D does not provide transparent windows or shaped windows like other platform specfic API's like X/Motif or MS Windows API.

    Glass Screenshot

    This is a hack for a psuedo transaprent window using Java Robot API to do a screen capture and using it as the background on the Java 3D wiew on a JWindow created without any window decorations.

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  4. AnyOption

    Thu 12 July 2001

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    AnyOption is a C++ class for easy parsing of complex commandline options. It also parses options from a rsourcefile in option value pair format.

    AnyOption implements the traditional POSIX style character options ( -n ) as well as the newer GNU style long options ( --name ). Or you can use a simpler long option version ( -name ) by asking to ignore the POSIX style options.

    AnyOption supports the traditional UNIX resourcefile syntax of, any line starting with "#" is a comment and the value pairs use ":" as a delimiter.

    An option which expects a value is considered as an option value pair, while options without a value are considered flags.

    Please read the header file for the documented public interface, and demo.cpp for an example of how easy it is to use AnyOption.

    • July 2001, Original version
    • August 2004, added bug-fixes, and updates send by Michael Peters of Sandia Lab.
    • September 2006, fix from Boyan Asenov for a bug in mixing up option type indexes.
    • July 2011, fix from Min KJ and Costantino G for string allocation.
    • Dec 2011, Moved to Github

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  5. Hackorama

    Fri 03 September 1999

    1999-09-03 19:20:25 : hackorama.com registered through register.com and hosted on lcoal bay area provider Hurricane Electric using shared cohosted Linux server with Apache web server and full SSH acces.

    Handcrafted content with mostly static content with some dynamic content using SSI, PHP and JavaScript.

    Hackorama 1999 Logo

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